16 Websites You Can Visit When You’re in a Hiring Mood + 1 Bonus

Hiring someone new is always a high-impact activity in terms of business. And there are many ways of finding valuable employees. Posting job descriptions on Craigslist is one idea. Relying on word of mouth and recommendations is another. But the online world these days offers a lot more solutions. Hence the list of 16 top websites where you can hire someone without losing your shirt. Check out my guest post at Christine.biz:

Top 16 Places Where You Can Hire Someone Without Losing Your Shirt

Now I have a bonus for you. A place where you can go to find a business partner.

Build It With Me

This site is a little different. It’s not exactly meant to be a place where you can simply hire someone. But rather a place where you can find a partner who can help you with developing your tool, app, or any other software. When you visit the site you’ll see that there are already tens of people looking for developers or designers to help them to put their app-ideas to life. You can easily join this community and post your own entry. The site doesn’t cover any legal aspects of possible partnerships, it’s just a discovery tool.

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