Announcing a Yoast redesign

As I announced in our previous post on the evolution of Yoast avatars, we’re working on a redesign. In fact… The HTML and CSS are mostly done, but we’ll take quite a bit more time to work on it. Over the summer we’ll make a WordPress theme out of it and make sure that all the content is presented in the best possible way when we launch on September 1st. We can’t keep our mouth shut that long though, we’re just to used to being open, so we want to give you a sneak peek.

Today at YoastCon, Erwin and I unveiled this redesign. As we don’t expect all of you are following the livestream all the time, this short post gives you two screenshots of what is admittedly a work in progress (click for larger versions):

New illustrations

The most obvious change is the removal of the avatar header images. As Yoast has so many more people than just Joost now, we thought it’d be better to remove those. The new illustrations feature a group of people that work together to move forward. Erwin has made these in Cinema4D, allowing us to render new views all the time.

Erwin also made a “goodbye” avatar and recorded the process:

No sidebar

You can’t see it in these two screenshots yet, but the new design has no sidebar. Nowhere. We sometimes use the space on the right for asides, but nothing else. This page layout makes it far easier to make the page fully responsive, which it of course will be.

New design, new sections

In the design, there’s an obvious new feature: Yoast Academy. In Yoast Academy we’ll bundle our knowledge, so it will feature our eBooks and posts. In September we’ll also add another eBook as well as courses that we’re currently developing. What is “WordPress” in the current design is “Software” in the new design. We’re getting ready to roll out Yoast SEO to more platforms and this design is ready for that change too.

You’ll have to wait a few bit

You’ll have to wait a few months for all of this to be ready. Over the course of the summer we’ll work on it, to launch September 1st. Our new logo will show up in more places already though, most notably our social profiles.

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