Announcing: Yoast Academy

In a few weeks, will get a major make-over! We are currently working on the last details of our redesign. Alongside our new appearance, we will also launch a new section on Yoast Academy. Yoast Academy will become the SEO library of It will become the place to be if you want to learn about optimizing your website.

Why Yoast Academy?

In the past few years, we have been blogging quite a lot. Most of the content of our blog posts is created after extensive reading and research. We have lots and lots of information about SEO, usability, conversion and content writing. In the present form, it is quite hard to navigate through all our information, because it is all captured and fragmented in blog posts. Our eBooks, however, do bundle and combine the information in an insightful manner. Nevertheless, we felt more and more as though we were wasting much of the articles and knowledge we so carefully created. Our content could be used in a better and more efficient way, making it possible for our audience to learn about SEO and website optimization. Therefore, we decided to create Yoast Academy!

What is Yoast Academy?

Yoast Academy aims to make all of our knowledge more accessible to our audience. We want to make Academy into a learning center, a place you can go if you want to learn about every aspect of SEO. We will offer our learning material in different formats: blog posts, eBooks, videos and online courses. Yoast Academy will contain both free and premium (paid) products.

Academy on the new


As you can see, in the new design of, Academy will have its own place in the main menu. Our posts will appear in the Academy section of the website (and will no longer be as prominent on the homepage). Although captured in a different section, the blog in itself will remain the same. Joost, Thijs, Michiel, and Marieke will remain the main authors, we will continue to write both state-of-the-art blog posts as well as in-depth articles and posts containing practical tips. Joost will also continue his weekly SEO updates.

We aim to make the information of our posts and articles on Yoast Academy into a solid SEO library in which people can easily search and find information about SEO and website optimization. We are working on updating the information in our posts, improving the internal structure of the massive amount of posts we produced and creating more insightful tag and category pages.

More new learning products

Next to updating our articles and posts, we will also be adding new products which will make it easier to learn from Yoast. In the beginning of October, we will offer a new eBook about Usability and Conversion (from an SEO perspective). We plan to write a few more eBooks (about technical SEO and Blog SEO) in the following months. On October 12th, we will launch our first online Basic SEO course (with video’s, questions and lots of reading materials). We are already working on more online courses on Technical SEO, Usability and Blog SEO. Also this fall, we will be experimenting with making our own video-blogs.

Yoast Academy in the long run

In the long run, we aim to make Yoast Academy a complete learning center for SEO and website optimization. Yoast Academy will offer learning material in different formats and for any audience (both beginner as well as experts). With the launch of the new design of in just a few weeks, Yoast Academy will be born. We are looking forward to making it grow into something really awesome!

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