Ask Yoast: product feeds and duplicate content

Previously in Ask Yoast, we took Kathy’s question about selling products through multiple channels and the risk of duplicate content. More webshop owners seem to struggle to avoid duplicate content. Like Stephan ten Cate, who has send the following question to

“A lot of webshops (e.g. Magento) use product feeds to distribute their content to other channels (eBay, Etsy etc.), leading to duplicate content on these channels. Is there a technical solution to avoid duplicate content, while still using product feeds?”

Watch this video to get to know the answer:

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Yes, there is a solution. The solution is to make your product feeds use different content for all these channels. We’ve covered this in another video as well and I know it’s a tough one because you’ll have to write a lot more content. But there really is no other solution than that. You’ll have to write unique content for each platform. Sorry! Good luck!

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