The Parrot PlaceThe Parrot place is an online pet shop, offering pet supplies, fish food, and specialising in supplies for birds.

It is WordPress-driven, and uses the E-commerce plugin for online sales.

Urban Legend web was contracted to create the collapsible menus on the left side of the site, and to make changes to the backend of the E-commerce plugin to clarify the display of categories. We also helped with some minor styling tweaks to the main menus.

Marblehead GalleryMarble Head Galley is a restaurant in Marblehead, Ohio, USA.

Urban Legend web was contracted to provide a calendar application which let the site owners enter daily dinner specials by month. We used an existing WordPress plugin, calendar, and incorporated it into the slider mechanism used on the front page of the site.

We customised the calendar plugin so that the current week’s specials only were shown, with a link to the full calendar month.  We helped to style the calendar, but weren’t involved in the design of the site itself.

This site carries financial news, including market data, from the US, and around the world.

Urban Legend web was contracted to update server-side PHP code, and the timing of automatic feeds, to ensure data stability.

We also made some small presentational changes to the table data.

Some recent contract work just completed, via Immersion Media, a California company;

This portfolio site is for multi-disciplinary designer Elisa Cachero, and shows her design work in textiles, art direction, print & web design, and event planning.

It uses the WordPress engine with the popular portfolio theme Autofocuspro . Urban Legend web was contracted via to update that theme so that;

  • the front page displays in the way usually used for category pages
  • the number of posts shown beneath the feature image on the home page is limited
  • copyright information can be included on single post pages which use the JQuery image slider
  • the default ‘next’ and ‘previous’ post arrows on the front page are hidden
  • show front-page post titles only on mouse hover

Via the site, I’ve now worked on a number of WordPress autofocuspro installations, and invite further queries relating to that theme.

This site is, The Great New Zealand River Ride, an outdoors project based on New Zealand’s largest rvier, the  Waikato.

Urban Legend web was contracted by Cube Media to install and configure wordpress, code an original theme using that publishing platform, and based on supplied graphics, and add functional extensions.

The site features a JQuery slider on the front page, a JQuery-based drop-down menu, custom widgets, and customised plugins, including a subscription service.

A client recently asked me to change a permalink ( the link to a single post from its title ) on his site, to test the theory that Google favours links which appear to be ‘static’ ( That is,links whose address end in ".html’).

No problem. I’ll just go feral for a few hours  trying to decipher WordPress references  which are about as clear as, er, Whangarei harbour.

Save yourself the anguish. The Redirection plugin is what you need. A bit of simple tweaking even I can understand, and you’e on your way.



This site, The Designers Library, is for a soft-furnishings ( curtains , blinds etc ) company in Hamilton, New Zealand.

It is designed by CubeMedia, and converted into a fully-functional WordPress – powered website by Urban Legend Web.

It uses a JQuery – based slider for the slideshow on the front page, and a semi-transparent background for the centered content area. A combination of native WordPress abilities, plugins, and customised templates drive the site.

I’ve been snuffling around in my archives, dusting off long-forgotten back-up CDs and such, and found an interesting  wee toy I’d almost forgotten writing.

It’s a basic palette picker, written as a web-page, which allows the user to choose a web-page colour scheme from the 216 basic colours.

There are four colour-able areas. You fill them by clicking a colour from the panel on the left, and then in one of the colour-able areas. A cookie will save the scheme you decided on, and CSS codes for the color are given.

I did say it’s basic : I wrote it in 2002, using Javascript,  before the days of JQuery. The code is embedded rather than linked, so it’s easy to see ( and modify if you choose ).

Who knows, it may be useful, but probably more likely a 5-minute diversion. Have at it!



I’ve spent some time recently exploring the new features in WordPress 3.0.1, and learning about very useful child themes and theme frameworks.

For now the only visible improvements on this site are to do with the search function. Target words are now highlighted in search results, both from within and outside this website.

More improvements, and some original themes, to come….