You’re reading this, which means that Urban Legend web has re-launched its site.

This occasionally-updated page will feature;

  • tips and tricks for non-specialist website content managers – i.e. those who want to update their own sites. Most of these will be to do with WordPress. This site itself, and some clients’ sites, are built on the WordPress engine, so it makes sense for the above-named tips to lean toward working with WordPress.
  • news snippets related to the web and web design
  • occasional pointers to interesting sites, and observations.

Check back here for updates.

71 miles is a Northern California travel site geared for the weekend travel market.

Urban Legend web was contracted to update and customise the WordPress software engine behind it, add some visual features and advertisements, and move the site to a new web host.

More on the portfolio page.

This site is for an Auckland law-firm specialising in corporate and commercial law.

Urban Legend web was contracted by McGovern & Associates to convert the site to valid (X)HTML and CSS, and integrate it with McGovern’s in-house ASP.NET-based "Scripts" Content Management System.

The site owners contracted Urban Legend web to update the WordPress engine, make changes and additions to the site template, add functionality and advertising, and migrate the standards-based site to a new host.

This site was is for the birthplace of one of New Zealand’s most famous authors, Katherine Mansfield. It is designed by Helen Smith of McGovern & Associates, and hand-coded from supplied files. It is an early example  of the use of the use of CSS for layout. The site is driven by an in-house content management system.

This site is for a top Auckland photographer who was the official photographer for the Dalai Lama of Tibet on his last visit to these shores.

Its design, by Urban Legend web, is intended to take a back seat to the photgraphs, many of which are stunning. It features a gallery of images sorted by subject, with a custom-built engine written in PHP.

As is standard practice at Urban Legend web, It is coded to web standards using valid XHTML and CSS