This site carries financial news, including market data, from the US, and around the world.

Urban Legend web was contracted to update server-side PHP code, and the timing of automatic feeds, to ensure data stability.

We also made some small presentational changes to the table data.

This portfolio site is for multi-disciplinary designer Elisa Cachero, and shows her design work in textiles, art direction, print & web design, and event planning.

It uses the WordPress engine with the popular portfolio theme Autofocuspro . Urban Legend web was contracted via to update that theme so that;

  • the front page displays in the way usually used for category pages
  • the number of posts shown beneath the feature image on the home page is limited
  • copyright information can be included on single post pages which use the JQuery image slider
  • the default ‘next’ and ‘previous’ post arrows on the front page are hidden
  • show front-page post titles only on mouse hover

Via the site, I’ve now worked on a number of WordPress autofocuspro installations, and invite further queries relating to that theme.

This site is, The Great New Zealand River Ride, an outdoors project based on New Zealand’s largest rvier, the  Waikato.

Urban Legend web was contracted by Cube Media to install and configure wordpress, code an original theme using that publishing platform, and based on supplied graphics, and add functional extensions.

The site features a JQuery slider on the front page, a JQuery-based drop-down menu, custom widgets, and customised plugins, including a subscription service.

This site, The Designers Library, is for a soft-furnishings ( curtains , blinds etc ) company in Hamilton, New Zealand.

It is designed by CubeMedia, and converted into a fully-functional WordPress – powered website by Urban Legend Web.

It uses a JQuery – based slider for the slideshow on the front page, and a semi-transparent background for the centered content area. A combination of native WordPress abilities, plugins, and customised templates drive the site.

This site aims to help sell a Christchurch, New Zealand B & B.

It is designed and coded with an eye to search engine positioning, and the European market.

It needed a simple but elegant design reflecting the hotel, and business itself, and encourages expressions of interest via a dynamic contact page.

Northart provides an accessible and community focussed programme of exhibitions by local and national artists, and an associated programme of public events and arts activities.

This site was designed by McGovern & Associates, who contracted Urban Legend web to cut and code the site in valid XHTML and CSS from supplied photoshop files.

The Tuhoe Establishment Trust was set up to manage funds and assets transferred to the Tuhoe tribe as part of its Waitangi Tribunal settlement with the New Zealand government.

This website was launched in 2010, and designed by McGovern & Associates. They in turn contracted Urban Legend web to cut and code the site templates from supplied photoshop files.

This site is for a company which has outlets in Auckland, Christchurch and Perth, and specialises in the construction of fine colours in quality surface coatings.

Urban Legend web was contracted by McGovern & Associates to convert supplied files into valid XHTML / CSS templates. 

This website is for a company run by a journalist and a librarian which provides extensive archival content for New Zealand on Pacific Island subjects.


It was designed by McGovern & Associates, who contracted Urban Legend web to cut and code the site templates in valid XHTML and CSS  from supplied photoshop files.