Creating a website people will actually use the way you want them to is quite possibly the most important goal of every online business designer. Or at least it should be.

Essentially, the problem is that just because you’ve got yourself an online store, for example, doesn’t mean that it will automatically do a good job at selling. Or that your new blog will do a good job at showcasing your articles.

The world of web design is quite an extensive one, and I’m not here to teach you all ins and outs of it (not that I even know them). What I want to do, though, is show you the most basic minimum you need to be aware of when building your own online business and the website that is meant to run it.

If you want to learn how to recognize a site that guides your visitors towards the desired actions check out my guest post at WebDesignDev:

Why People Are Not Using My Website the Way I Want Them To?!

Is your website on the right path? Do you have any ideas on how you can make it more user-friendly?

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