Get ready for the launch: Yoast Basic SEO training!

We’ve been working really, reallyYoast Basic SEO training hard these past few weeks to finalize our first Yoast Academy training. Now, we’re counting the days until the launch: only 5 days to go. The Basic SEO training will be available starting from October 12 and will be offered at an introductory price of $249 this October (after which the price will be $299).

Update: it’s available now! Throughout October, you can get this course for $249 instead of $299.

Why buy our Yoast Basic SEO training?

Our training gives a solid and in-depth introduction to holistic SEO. It will both provide extensive explanation of SEO principles as well as practical tips you can use on your own website. After following our training, you should be able to set up your very own SEO strategy.

SEO courses

Joost has trained a lot of people on SEO, not only in our office in Wijchen, but also during in-company courses at larger enterprises. Marieke has been a teacher for more than 10 years. So, there already was a lot of material and experience. We did research, watched training video’s and reviewed courses (that will become our competition as of next Monday). To be honest, most training video’s we found were boring and of poor quality. Even worse, they did not encourage us to think, nor to apply the knowledge presented in those video’s.

Our Basic SEO training

A lot of information about SEO is available on the internet, but it’s splintered on different platforms and blogs. Also, there’s a huge amount of polluted information regarding the topic of SEO. The Basic SEO training provides students with the grip they need to practice SEO in a holistic manner.

The information in the training is mostly developed by Joost and Marieke.  In order to truly set up an amazing training, Jaro – an educational scientist- was hired. Jaro made sure that the Basic SEO training is more than just watching some video’s. It is a full online learning experience in which you’ll be challenged to think about SEO and to apply the things we teach you.

Detailed information about Yoast Basic SEO

5 modules

The course will consist of 5 modules. The first module is the introduction, module 2 is about keyword research & site structure, module 3 is called technical SEO, module 4 is about SEO copywriting and the final module is about UX and conversion. Each module consists of two or three lessons.


A lesson contains a training video (10 to 20 minutes each) and additional reading material. The lesson ends with a few challenging questions. These questions have to be answered correctly in order to go to the next lesson. If you answered any questions incorrectly, you will receive feedback which will enable you to correct your mistakes.

Complementary ebooks and Yoast SEO video’s

Participants of the Basic SEO training will also receive the PDF’s of two of our eBooks (Optimize your WordPress site and Content SEO) and acces to our training video’s of our Yoast SEO plugin (also available in Yoast SEO premium). The Basic SEO training itself is not focussed on our Yoast SEO plugin.


If you completed all the modules and answered the questions after each lesson correctly, you will receive a Basic SEO by Yoast certificate. More importantly, you will have learned how to set up your  own SEO strategy. We are looking forward to ‘see’ you at our Basic SEO training!