Google Analytics by Yoast gets Dashboards

Today we released quite a big upgrade to our Google Analytics plugin, for both free and premium users. We’ve built a dashboards feature that shows you some top of the line stats for your site, and if you’re a premium customer, provides high-quality reports on the custom dimensions included in it.

Basic reports

The first ones are easy, we show you a graph of your sites sessions and bounce rate, for instance the sessions looks like this:

yoast session dashboard

On the second tab, “reports”, we give you some basic reports in tabular data that are very easy to use, see the popular pages table below:

Google Analytics dashboard popular pages

One of the cool things here is the search option, top right. Just typing /wordpress/ into that immediately gives me this:

popular pages filtered

The same power that powers these extremely fast tables powers another feature that we’re very happy to release: the Custom dimension reports.

Custom dimension reports

As Thijs was writing his posts about custom dimensions it became incredibly clear that what we were building was needed. The reports for these custom dimensions are hard to get right in Google Analytics (even though that obviously gives you much more reporting power than we do in our plugin). If you want a quick overview of how many pageviews an author generated in a month, this is what you use:

custom dimension report author

You can select all of the custom dimensions that you’ve set up for your site in the settings:

Custom dimensions drop-down

New custom dimensions

Those of you who know our plugin well will go “hey, I see custom dimensions in that screenshot that I’ve never heard of”. You’re right. We added several new custom dimensions, of which “Tags” is the easiest one to explain: it stores the tag of the post that is being viewed. The other two new ones are specific to those of you who use our WordPress SEO plugin as well.

You can now save custom dimensions with the SEO Score of an article and with the focus keyword. This gives you reports that are incredibly useful when you’re working on keyword research.

So, upgrade to Google Analytics by Yoast 5.2, or Google Analytics by Yoast Premium 1.1 or go get it if you don’t have it yet!

This post first appeared on Yoast. Whoopity Doo!