How to Calculate Productivity? My Own Simple Approach

scoreboardIs there a way to calculate productivity? If so, then I’m the perfect person to tell you about it (not to toot my own horn here, of course). You see, it’s late night here in Poland and yet I’m still sitting here, writing this short post, and feeling productive.

To calculate productivity, using my method, you have to follow a simple 6-step productivity scoreboard.

But first, let’s set one thing straight. Before you can start tracking your points you need to learn the difference between being productive and being busy. As there are no points for being busy.

Being productive is a goal-oriented activity. It’s when you’re doing something that brings you closer to your goals, closer to what you want to achieve. It’s doing the high-leverage activities only.

Being busy is a labor-oriented activity. It’s when you’re doing something just for the sake of doing something. It’s doing the low-leverage activities and not being aware that they will probably get you nowhere.

So stay productive, not busy!

Now, the 6-step productivity scoreboard:

First of all, there’s no maximum amount of points you can get each day. This means there are no limitations and that you can be breaking your personal records every day.

Step #1 – setting deadlines

Take a list of all the tasks you want to do and set a deadline for each one of them.

Also, set a reward for completing each task. Something small. Like eating a donut, or having a drink, or whatever.

No points yet, just bear with me.

Step #2 – focusing for 5 minutes

It’s impossible to stay in the “work” state of mind for a longer period of time. We all have our up- and down-times. Whenever a down-time happens just acknowledge it, be aware of it, and immediately after try to return to work by promising yourself that you’re just going to focus for 5 minutes.

Chances are that if you can focus for 5 minutes you will end up focusing for a significantly longer period of time.

Every time you can force yourself to focus for 5 minutes after a down-time +1 point for you.

Step #3 – satisfaction

Feeling some satisfaction after you’ve finished a piece of work is nothing unusual. But feeling it immediately after starting the work is another story.

Try to feel satisfaction right from the get-go, during the first minute of your work routine.

Every time you do that +1 point for you.

Step #4 – no multitasking!

Multitasking is more harmful to your brain than smoking weed (proven fact). So don’t do it no matter what!

You get +1 point for each hour you’re not multitasking. You get -2 for each hour you are.

Step #5 – quick decision making

Whenever you stop and hesitate because you’re not comfortable with making a decision you’re losing time and breaking your productive mindset.

So if you feel that you won’t get any additional data that can help you with the decision then just go ahead and make it immediately.

Every time you do that +1 point for you.

Step #6 – reviewing your work

Go back to the deadlines you’ve set in step #1. Did you manage to get the work done in time?

You get +1 point for every task done on time.

That’s it. I encourage you to calculate productivity, your own productivity, that is. Treat it as a cool quiz, something that’s perfect for a slow Friday at work.

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