Larissa Reis

This site is for IFBB Pro figure Larissa Reis.

It’s built on the WordPress platform, using the AutofocusPro theme, with many original adaptations. It offers a Portugese translation, and uses small layout and stylistic variations throughout the site. It was built to a tight deadline, and as such there are slight variations from the original launch style. The Reistyle section features original coloured rollovers indicating the sub-section the post belongs to.

5 thoughts on “Larissa Reis”

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  • Feb25DonkeyWan One of my favourite animes this, great to get a HD rip, thank you. There is an earlier film that depicts one of the characters and his time in Spain, also well worth seeing.

  • Hola, Zárate:¡Que sorpresa leerte por aquí! No si al final va a estar bien y todo el “problemilla” de Domestika (estos últimos comentarios los digo totalmente en broma O:-) )Un saludo.P.D.: Te animo a que utilices PV3D, lo bueno que tiene es que tú no haces prácticamente nada, tienes implementada “casi” cualquier cosa que se te ocurra

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