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This is just a quick post to let you know about my new commenting policy for

I’ve been getting some manual spam comments lately, so I think it’s about time to make my policy public.

In this entry you’ll find which comments have the most chance of getting approved and which go straight to the trash or the spam folder. In essence, if you want your comment to get approved read this.

§ 1

Use your actual name in the name field (image below).

Just to make this clear, your name is not “web design San Diego,” or “stock photography.” Your name is what your mother calls you when the dinner’s ready. :)

§ 2

If you have a Gravatar image connected with your email address then you can use your brand name along with your personal name in the name field.



§ 3

No keywords are acceptable inside the name field. The only exception is if they are part of your brand name (and if you have a Gravatar – see § 2).

§ 4

Every link to a gambling site, porn site, lame sales page, or any other site that can be considered not appropriate will be edited out.

§ 5

If you want to have a nice live link to one of your recent posts simply use the CommentLuv plugin enabled on this site.

I think that’s it.

Feel free to let me know what you think about this, and also what ways of dealing with strange comments have you developed on your blog?

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