Oh, You Again … Here’s Where to Get Started

startPardon me with the title, it’s the first headline that came across my mind and I’ve decided to just go with it!

Let’s focus on the second part of it – “Here’s Where to Get Started”

I’m happy to announce a new page on newInternetOrder.com. It’s a “getting started page” – as in, how to get started with newInternetOrder.com and why would you even want to start in the first place.

In a (two) word, it’s a road sign pointing the way to the core content on this site.

But first…

Why did I even create it?

Since we’re talking online business for normal people here, let me share one observation.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m noticing more and more beginner advice online that would be in fact very difficult to apply for a starting entrepreneur who just happens to be a normal human being.

For instance, advice like “learn SEO if you want to get a good spot on Google,” “read the forums,” “spend days crafting your content,” “engage with the community by commenting on other sites” and so on.

Although these all sound okay-ish, considering the fact that most people start their online businesses as side projects, I can only say (quoting the classic), that:

“Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!”

If that’s not enough, there’s also the “create quality content” advice that’s in a league of its own. I honestly don’t know what the expression “quality content” means. Really, no joke. It is by far the most overused and meaningless phrase in online business and blogging.

Actually, whenever someone says that you need to “create quality content,” what they are actually saying is “hey, I don’t have any real piece of advice for you, so let me just say that you should create quality content.”

Finally, there’s also a lot of messed up advice and products circulating around the web. Things like:

  • tips on how to create simple PDF products (which are crap 90% of the time and provide no value whatsoever),
  • advice on how to get rich with simple affiliate promotions,
  • tools that promise great rankings in Google when in fact all they do is spam,
  • or even educational products that promise to teach you how to build a profitable business overnight.

None of the above is for normal people!

The goal

So, the goal I’m trying to achieve here at newInternetOrder.com is to take all this online entrepreneurship down to the basics and provide some actual advice for normal people. Again, normal people; not spammers, not felons, not big brands with massive budgets, not people with 48 hours a day of free time.

That’s why I’ve been publishing all those resource/hub pages lately and that’s also why I’ve created this getting started page. Here it is finally:

Get Started Here

Even if you’ve been a reader here for a while now, I still encourage you to check it out. It’s not a long read anyway.

Since I’m at it, feel free to comment and point out some quality online business sites where you’re getting your online business education from. I’d be happy to pay them a visit too.

Oh, You Again … Here’s Where to Get Started | newInternetOrder.com