Regret I Didn’t Come Up with These Myself… May 2011

For me, May was the month of WordPress. A lot of interesting posts have been written and many of them have gone straight to my bookmark collection. And now it’s time to share some of these posts, so here’s a list of 6 valuable posts from the past month (May 2011) which I regret I didn’t come up with myself.

Today’s theme: WordPress comments

How to Attract Comments on your WordPress Blog and Increase Interactivity? by Lax

Let me start by linking to a post that explains why blog comments are important and gives some tips on how to attract more of them. A quick and worthy read.

WordPress Comment Plugins You Will Need For Your Website Success by Mitz Pantic

In this post Mitz shares a list of some really valuable plugins, divided into three sub-lists: ones that show the love, ones that encourage return visits, and ones that stop spam.

Advanced commenting systems for WordPress by Cameron Chapman

It’s where the real fun starts. In case you’re not aware of this, you can choose to ditch the native WordPress’ commenting system and go with something else. In this post Cameron gives a nice list of alternative commenting systems and describes their main features.

Top 3rd Party Commenting Systems, Platforms for WordPress and Why I Don’t Use Them by John Saddington

In this post John shares his opinion on what the top 5 commenting systems are. He also explains why WordPress native system might be better for most users despite all the features of other commenting platforms.

Migrating Your WordPress Comments to Disqus by David Lohmeyer

Disqus is one of the most popular commenting systems in the blogosphere. To be honest, I’m considering switching to it myself. Check out what David has to say on abandoning native WordPress commenting system and switching to Disqus.

How to install Facebook comments on your WordPress blog by Marko Saric

In this short post Marko shares his thoughts on why installing Facebook comments on your blog might be a good idea. He also gives a quick 6-step guide on how to actually do this.

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