Productivity is the Achilles heel for many online entrepreneurs, and especially if you’ve worked a standard 9-5 job before going on your business journey.

To be honest, productivity was a tough thing for me too. In short, I wasn’t always a productive being, to say the least. Just a couple of years ago (or so), I had my lowest-performance period. I was lucky to have done 2 hours of work a day, and the work I was able to accomplish didn’t get me anywhere anyway. Not cool.


Anyway, I got better, thanks. But this is not due to any magic-bullet solution or a wonder product I bought. No, nothing fancy about my story. I just changed my mindset, learned a few things, and devoted myself to staying productive by using various techniques and setting new habits in my workday.

Although I’m still no guru on productivity, I think I can show you a couple of my tricks and explain how and why they work. I do believe that everyone can learn how to be productive, regardless of how incapable they might feel at times.

The hub

Long story short, today marks the launch of my new hub page on how to get and stay productive.

The hub takes you through the whole process by linking to other posts on this blog and on other blogs where I had the privilege to guest post.

I wanted to make this hub ultra-friendly and easy to grasp by using various images and visual representations, so I hope you’ll have great experience with it (feedback more than welcome).

What’s your story?

Yeah…what’s your story? I mean, how would you describe your productivity? Do you feel productive during your everyday work?

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