SEO and Web Traffic Down-to-Earth Talk – New Hub Page Launches

If I were to name the most hated promotion-related topic among online business owners and solo-preneurs (I guess that’s the new trendy term), it would have to be SEO.

SEO is difficult (and if you think otherwise then try ranking for “weight loss”), unclear (no one is 100% sure what to do), and there’s no truly dependable all-time great advice (the space is always changing). On top of that, you don’t get immediate feedback on your efforts.

I can honestly say that I hate SEO. And it’s not just a clever expression to get you interested. I really do.


It just so happens that SEO is still one of the most important elements of every website’s promotional arsenal and the thing that is likely to give us the biggest ROI.

Long story short, even with the hatred, I just had to find a way to learn SEO in some shape or form that’s understandable to me, and which I would be able to actually apply. The result?

The new hub

Everything I’ve learned, I’ve put into a new hub page that’s just been published a minute ago. It’s all about understandable SEO advice for normal people.


If you are interested in becoming the next top dog at SEO or the next all-knowing SEO expert then unfortunately this resource isn’t for you. However, if you just want to learn how to build your site’s visibility in the search engines and bring new leads into your businesses then I invite you to jump in.

Without further ado, here’s the link:

What’s your experience?

What’s your story and background with SEO? Or better yet, what’s your personal attitude towards it? Hate it? Love it?

SEO and Web Traffic Down-to-Earth Talk – New Hub Page Launches |