Things To Do Before You Make It Big On The Internet

Funny Dinosaur King is Biggest in the World by, on Flickr: couldn’t resist using this headline, but there’s actually no hype in this post. I just want to talk about some direct ways of making money on the internet.

In this case, “making money directly” is the opposite of “passive income.” So quite an interesting turn of events considering that the internet is all-in on the whole passive income concept, right?

In short, this is about freelancing – exchanging your expertise for money.

Not everyone is convinced to freelancing. I know that passive income is a lot more attractive concept in itself. Who wouldn’t want to be able to make money passively, while having a drink at the beach… But, like I said in the headline, before you make it big on the internet, you have to be able to put some food on the table in the meantime.

Freelancing is actually a great way to make money short-term. While passive income is the perfect long-term strategy. Here’s what I mean; the pros and cons of both approaches:

  • Freelancing – easy to get started and make money within weeks; however, the moment you stop working, the money stops flowing as well.
  • Passive income – takes an awful lot of time just to bring any initial profits; however, it continues bringing profits long after you stop working.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t disregard freelancing as a possible income stream just because your goal is to grow your “passive” business. In my opinion, getting both pieces of the puzzle working together is the best approach for online entrepreneurs.

Now, the funny thing about freelancing is that you don’t really need a CV or anything like it to get started. The only required element is one client willing to throw money at you in exchange for some specific service.


Of course, you do have to possess the necessary skills just to be able to deliver that service, but that’s a whole other story. You can start your research by taking a look at one of my guest posts. It focuses on the things that every beginner freelancer should pay attention to:

4 Freelancing Tips For Beginners

Although the post above lists some places where you can go to get your first deal, there are actually a lot more websites and job boards out there. For a more extensive list, feel free to visit another post (title not accidental):

10 Places To Find Freelance Gigs Before You Get Rich On The Internet

The best thing about the freelancing world is that you can find work on literally tens if not hundreds of different sites. And sometimes, all it takes is having a good hire me page on your own site (I had a number of request purely through my hire me page).

Anyways. One of the most significant problems in the freelancing world, besides getting clients, is productivity. As it turns out, managing your own time is much more challenging than you’d think.

There are many posts about the issue of productivity on this blog, but the simple advice I have for you today comes inside the following post:

Be More Productive by Working Early

To be honest, I was always a late-riser, mainly because I liked working at night. But even I, and it was one of the most surprising revelations, am much more productive if I get up early. Really, there’s no better feeling than having your work done by 11AM… Check out the above post to find out how to do it.

And last but not least: What do you think of freelancing as a genuine way to make you money short-term?

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Hungry for Some New Year’s Resolutions for Your Online Business?

drinkAh yes, the new year is almost here and this means time for some new year’s resolutions. Besides some obvious stuff like losing weight and spending more time with your kids I want to interest you with some online business related resolutions. And I promise these are not things you’ll just abandon by the end of January.

1. Don’t create any crap products

This is something I talked about just recently. Crap products are things like 15 page e-books that are sold to your audience as “the best thing ever” when in fact they are just meant to make you some quick buck.

An odd thing for a new year’s resolutions list because it’s something I ask you not to do. And it’s probably even more strange as every marketer online tells you to indeed go out and create such simple products.

If you want to get my complete point of view on this, feel free to visit my other post titled so-called quality product creation. In short, simple products like that don’t help anyone, and they are often very poorly produced (yes, the workmanship matters too, not only the raw content).

2. Make your newsletter content driven

First of all, if you don’t have a newsletter yet, launch one this week (you can use the free plan at MailChimp). And if you do, make sure that it’s content driven, as opposed to promotion driven.

In a nutshell, send not more than one promotional message for every nine pure content messages.

I’m sure you realize this, but your readers really don’t care about promotions. They’re being hit left and right with promotions so they most certainly don’t need you to do the same. And if they’re still subscribed, it only means that you haven’t crossed the line yet. But if you do, they will leave.

3. Build a network of 10 people

The word network is not my favorite one so let me elaborate. What I actually mean is building relationships with 10 people, either inside your niche or in some related niches.

The point of such relationships is to gain valuable connections, which you can then use for joint ventures or some other projects.

They key to successful communication is to start on a personal level and don’t ask for any favors upfront. I’m sure you already have some people on your mind you’d like to connect with. Therefore I encourage you to start as soon as today.

4. Write at least 10 guest posts per month

Guest posting is one of the best promotion methods for any website, not only blogs or online magazines. The power of guest blogging lies in user engagement and link building on quality domains.

Quite simply, if you write an interesting enough guest post, some of the readers will click the link in your bio and visit your site. The more targeted the blogs where you guest post are, the better results you’ll have.

5. Take action on one of your IM products

I’m sure you bought some of those in the past… However, chances are you didn’t take action all the way through. Now is a good time to finally do it.

(That is, of course, if you still consider the product being a quality one.)

6. Try getting a freelance contract

Because why the hell not…? Freelancing is one of the best direct methods to make money. You have the expertise and you have the knowledge … quite frankly, you don’t need anything more.

To make this happen, you can either look within your niche and try to come up with some offerings of your own, or browse some of the popular online job boards and look for interesting opportunities there.

Getting some freelancing experience will give you a way better insight into people’s needs, as compared to offering random products based on your own judgment.

7. Buy new assets

Things like new domains, new licenses, and anything else that can help you make money directly.

To give you a more accurate definition, let’s have a look at Wikipedia:

[...] assets are economic resources. Anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value and that is held to have positive economic value is considered an asset.

Now, be careful not to buy a liability. Focus only on things that have a strong potential to make you money directly.

8. Build a social media presence

Finally, the most favorite thing for anyone online – social media. What I actually advise here is pretty basic. Pick just one social media network where you want to build your presence in the next 12 months. Not all at the same time.

Also, it’s best to pick the one that’s already producing some good results for you. Remember, it’s always easier to improve what’s already working than to build something from the ground up.

The exact way how you’re going to do that is up to you. There are more than enough social media blogs on the internet to help you.

9. Start a series on your blog

A series is a simple sequence of posts talking about one complex topic. Instead of explaining all the whys and hows here, let me send you over to some other resources.

First, some examples:

And finally, a post explaining how to build a series and publish it on a WordPress site: How to Publish a Series of Posts in WordPress.

I guess that summarizes my list of new year’s resolutions for online business owners. Are you planning to take action on any of the things mentioned here? Or maybe you have something else in plan?

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The Olympics Rule to Recognize a Scam

100mdashThe concept I have for you today is actually really simple and talks about the issue of recognizing a scam when it’s being offered to you.

These days, there are a lot of different products and services targeted towards people who are looking for new ways to make money online.

“Making money online” is actually a huge niche. There are hundreds of different approaches at it. Some require more work, others less. Some revolve around freelancing, others have a more passive income driven nature. Some feature tangible products sold online, others just simple digital products.

And every one of those approaches is a possible, genuine path to making money.


Some people – marketers – like to play on our emotions and offer crappy products that have no possible chance of making us any money whatsoever. And at the same time they try to say that if we fail, it’s only our fault.

I have two main methods of finding out if I’m dealing with a scam or a genuine product.

Rule #1: The Olympics Rule

“Is someone saying that you can win the Olympics tomorrow?”

Basically, nothing happens overnight. A rule as valid in internet marketing as anywhere else.

Winning the Olympics is a metaphor for achieving extraordinary result in a relatively short span of time.

When it comes to the Olympics, we all know that winning any competition is not possible without a lifetime of training.

So why aren’t we equally as connected with the reality in other aspects of life? Why do we believe that becoming rich overnight, for some reason, is possible to everyone?

That is why I advise you to ask the above question every time you get presented with a sales pitch of any kind.

If the marketer promises you “the gold medal” overnight then they’re probably not being very honest.

Rule #2: The “It’s Your Fault” Rule

“If you fail, it’s your fault because you didn’t put enough effort.”

Marketers don’t usually say it openly like that, but they can say something like this, for example:

“My product is not the magic pill solution, and it won’t do wonders for you if you don’t take sufficient action putting my advice in practice.”

Notice the “is not the magic pill” part. What it does is actually makes them even more credible because they’re answering the main objection you – the customer – might have.

However, the crown bullshit phrase is this: “won’t do wonders for you if you don’t take sufficient action.” What it actually means is “it’s your fault if you fail.”

I’m sorry, but this is not the case in the normal people’s world. If I buy an iPad and the thing breaks down a week later just like that then it’s most certainly not my fault. It’s the product’s fault.

This is something I talked about in one of my recent posts (the so-called quality product creation). The basic rule is that the main task of a quality product is to deliver the average result to everyone. And if the average customer fails to get any worthwhile results then the product is simply crap (not the other way around).

That’s why there’s no genuine “get rich” product. If it were, the majority of the people who bought it would be rich.

What about non-scams?

Sure, there are genuine products, but they’re a lot less popular due to their realistic promises.

Basically, the Olympics rule applies here too. As I said, if someone promises that you can win it overnight then they’re trying to trick you.

But if they promise that you can start your training tomorrow and then after years of dedicated work make it into the Olympics and maybe win the gold then it’s a completely different story.

In other words, focus on products that teach how to make the next step (or the first step, if you’re just starting out with something), and avoid products that talk about achieving the end result overnight.

Why am I even writing this? Because I’m kind of tired of seeing yet another big thing meant to make online business owners more successful when in fact it only makes them spend money on something they don’t need and won’t ever use.

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Advantages of Hiring Freelance Experts

hireToday’s post is about freelancing. But this time we’re not talking about being a freelancer. We’re talking about hiring a freelancer. Would it be a worthwhile investment for your business?

Enter Romel Curambao of

With the emergence of freelancers nowadays, businesses have made some drastic changes in their workforce lineup. Some companies are no longer hiring many employees because of these freelancers who are competent enough to provide the services they needed. These freelancers have indeed created a niche for themselves and many businesses have certainly maximized their talents.

From the looks of it, hiring a freelance expert is more of an advantage for the company. Many companies have already tried this and they have succeeded with it. So if you’re looking for an effective member of the company and thought of employing a freelancer, you will surely enjoy the following advantages of doing so.

Lower expenses

Sometimes you may have fewer projects and maintaining many employees is very costly whereas with just one freelancer, your expenses will be lessened. Also, the rate of freelance experts is lesser in other geographic locations so you can really afford to hire their services. Furthermore, you are not obliged to provide health insurance, life insurance, social security, tax, or other benefits that a regular office employee receives. Well, at times you may give performance bonus whenever targets are achieved but that’s the only other cost you will shoulder aside from the regular salary. This is really cost effective, isn’t it?


With freelancers around, you are assured that the operation will be smooth sailing because they are highly skilled and very much capable to do their part in the company. Of course, these freelance experts have undertaken trainings that enabled them to be more effective in their chosen field of expertise. This means that you don’t have to train them though they needed minor orientations to make them fully fit for the job.

Commitment to work

Freelancers are certainly good addition to the company for they are committed to their job. Their desire to work is very intense knowing that their income depends solely on their performance; meaning income is not guaranteed. If they will not work, they will have no income. So you are assured that these freelance experts will really work hard which is definitely good for your company.

Out of the box thinking

Usually freelance experts have many ideas to contribute to the company. Because of the nature of their job, their being freelancer and their experience in doing so has taught them to be more rational, innovative, analytical, and easier to welcome change whenever there are developments which are definitely good signs of an excellent working attitude. This will greatly contribute to the business’ success.

Flexible contract

Freelance experts may work for short term, long term, temporary or permanent depending on your needs. As agreed upon by both parties, freelancers may just work on a per project basis and extension depends on you based on their performance. If you are just starting and still struggling to have a place in the business world, well hiring a freelance expert may be a good start for you because you are guaranteed quality service at a lesser cost.

If you will hire a freelance expert to be part of your strong workforce, you are on the right track. Aside from the expenses you save, you are definitely guaranteed of quality service, less pressure, but definitely more output. But this will only be realized if you can find the right freelancer available over the web that can effectively deliver the right services you needed.

Romel Curambao is very passionate with his writings. He really sees to it that his articles have a deep impact to his readers. A dedicated and devoted writer, Romel delivers flawlessly regarding concerns on internet options. He’s connected with BROADBAND EXPERT wherein most information regarding the topic can be found.

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