Why you should buy the Yoast Basic SEO training

Most of the SEO skills we teach you in our Basic SEO training can also be learned in our blogposts and eBooks. So, why should you buy our Yoast Basic SEO training course then? In this post, I will give you 5 reasons to buy our training!

1. DIY SEO is cheaper than hiring

Learning to do SEO yourself will always be much cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you. And SEO is something you will have to continue doing, it won’t be done… ever. We will teach you to do long-term holistic SEO. Buying the Yoast Basic SEO course is an investment in your own knowledge. It will definitely pay off!

2. Learning SEO step by step

Although our blogposts do in fact cover most of the important topics concerning SEO, our training helps you to understand all these topics in the right order and context. We will teach you everything you need to know and start from the very beginning: by explaining what Google does. In 5 modules containing training-videos and reading material we will gradually talk you through all aspects of SEO.

3. You will be forced to actually learn

Our Basic SEO course will really put your knowledge to the test. Reading a blog post or an eBook could make SEO look easy. You could easily start thinking: I get this, I can do this. Our Basic SEO training will challenge you with questions following every module. These questions are particularly hard and test whether or not you have actually understood all the material.

4. You will receive a certificate and a badge

After you have finished the 5 modules of our Basic SEO course, you will receive a personalised certificate and a badge. You can put the badge on your site. Clicking on it will show your certificate on Yoast.academy. That way people can see that you’ve actually followed our entire course.

5. The Basic SEO training costs only $249

For this low price you will receive 5 modules (Introduction to SEO, Keyword research & Site structure, Technical SEO, SEO copywriting and UX and Conversion), including 12 training videos, lots and lots of reading material and accompanying questions. You will have to reserve at least a full day to complete our course. On top of that you will receive two eBooks (Optimizing your WordPress site and Content SEO) for free.

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