WordPress SEO Premium: (pre)-release

WordPress SEO PremiumWe’ve been working hard here at Yoast to offer you a Premium version of our WordPress SEO plugin with some really cool new features. But they’re not done yet. So we didn’t want to release WordPress SEO premium just yet either. However: more and more people are asking us for paid support on the plugin. So we’ve decided to do a pre-release: starting today you can buy WordPress SEO premium to get access to our support desk. We’ll be rolling out the beta for the premium plugin in the coming weeks to those who’ve bought the premium plugin and to a small set of trusted testers.

The pricing for what will be our main premium plugin is slightly over the Video SEO and Local SEO plugins: $89 for a single site, $169 for up to 5 sites, $329 for up to 20 sites, all of these per year. You get all the plugin upgrades and access to our email support desk.

So what are these Premium features?

We’re working hard on two things:

  • Google Webmaster Tools integration, which retrieves crawl errors from Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Redirect functionality, which allows you to solve the errors found in Google Webmaster Tools, and do any other redirects you need.

Especially the redirect functionality is not easy to do well. It’s not weird that the other plugins available to do redirects often bring down sites, we’ve found it’s one of the most complex things we’ve done with WordPress so far.

Do you need those features? In our opinion: yes. Of course. Otherwise we wouldn’t build them. Most people aren’t even aware of the errors Google finds on their site, finding and fixing them is one of those things you can do to stay ahead of your competition.

What does “support” mean?

In our case, support means that you can email us, and we’ll answer. We’ll help you set up the plugin on your site if something is not working and we’ll give you advice on specific settings you have questions about. If you find bugs, we’ll prioritize the fixing of bugs of paying customers over bugs of non-paying customers.

I don’t think you need more of a reason to buy the plugin, but over time, we’ll be adding more premium-only features.

Want to buy now? Go ahead.

1 year upgrades & support:

This post first appeared on Yoast. Whoopity Doo!