5 tips to find inspiration for your blog

What do you do when inspiration for your umpteenth blog post is low? What’s the solution to a writer’s block or a general lack of ideas? Every writer will encounter a lack of inspiration every now and then. You’ll be staring at your screen, not knowing what to write about. Nevertheless, you are determined to write those blog posts on a regular basis. In this post, I will give you 5 tips to find inspiration for your blog.

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1. Consult your keyword research

veryone who has a solid SEO strategy will have executed a proper keyword research. So, you should have a document containing hundreds of words you’re aiming to rank for. Of course, a keyword isn’t a topic for a post yet, but it can be a start. Pick one of those longtail keywords. Google it. See what turns up. That’ll be the competition. Is it any good? Could you do better? 

2. Go outside

Sitting behind a desk for too long might be the cause of your lack of inspiration. So, change your surroundings. Take a little walk outside. Clear your head. Let the thoughts slide in.

Once you come back inside and get back to your computer, you’ll probably feel much more inspired than before. Of course, if it’s raining outside, a walk to the coffee machine might do the trick as well.

3. Browse the internet

Reading other articles could get your inspired for your own work. Check your email for any newsletters. Read some posts of bloggers you admire. Browse around the internet a bit to find new and fresh material, different from the things you’re used too. These things could really help you to find inspiration for that article you need to write.

4. Keep a list of ideas

Prepare yourself for those days you’re lacking inspiration by keeping a list of ideas for your blog. Keep a list on your mobile phone or carry a small notebook with you. Every time you think of a good idea, write or type that idea down. You can use these ideas on days of little inspiration.

5. Google your most successful posts

Use your most successful post as inspiration for a new one. Google the title (or the focus keyword) of that specific post and see what turns up in Google. Hopefully, you’ll find your own article. If not, you’ll have some SEO work to do.

The results that come up if you Google your most successful post could inspire you to write a similar one. What are those other posts and pages in the search results about? Maybe you can find another angle or additional information that’ll fill a new blog post.


Finding inspiration to write a blog post can be really hard. Stop staring at your screen and try one of my tips above. Let me know how that works out for you! Good luck!

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