Ask Yoast: fix website or start new one

Imagine owning a website with a lot of outdated content. What to do? Should you try to fix the old website? Or would it be better to start all over again with a brand new website? In this Ask Yoast we’ll dive into this frequent dilemma.

We’ll do so by discussing the following question, sent to us by Roc Krivec:

“I have a blog with 1K+ blog posts. I cannot update, nor improve these posts and I don’t dare to delete them. Some posts still rank quite good. The site is generating very little revenue and a lot of posts are of poor quality. Should I try to fix this website or start all over again with a new (high quality) website.”

Watch the video to get an answer to this question or read the transcript below!

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Fix old site or start new one?

“Well, I would never start all over again, even if you have over 1K posts and you think most of them are really bad. Just delete all the bad ones. Just delete them, do nothing else. You can either choose to 410 them or to 301 them to the homepage. Both are in this case a valid choice. But keep the good ones, and at that point start producing high quality content. Even if you’re only left with 20 or 30 good posts after you’ve deleted all the other stuff. You’d still have more than what you would have when you’d start fresh.

So, don’t start over. Just fix it up. Remove all the old stuff and then keep on going. Good luck!”

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