Ask Yoast: how to become an outstanding SEO

It’s time for another Ask Yoast! We’ve received the following question from Francisco Acuña (Nuevo Léon, Mexico) at

“Can you give 1 or 2 quick tips you think are key to become an outstanding SEO?”

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The honest answer is: I can give you one or two quick tips, but it is going to be a whole lot of work. The basics are: you basically need to become a good developer, in terms of knowing how the web works, how HTTP works, how the technical side of SEO works. Ánd you also need to become a good marketer, in terms of understanding what the message is that you want to send to your visitors and how you best bring that message in such a way that the search engines also understand it. A good SEO is a hybrid of both a developer and a marketer and that combination is hard to get right. That’s why there are so few really, really good SEO’s out there. I hope this works for you! Good luck!

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