Ask Yoast: page tabs and SEO

Welcome to another Ask Yoast! This time we’ll take a question from Gary Cannon (Home España). He asks:

“What’s your opinion on SEO and using page tabs? Should each tab have an SEO text or just the first tab?”

Should you really use tabs? Check out our video or read the answer below!

Ask Yoast transcript

Well, in fairness, Google says, and testing shows, that Google really only counts the bit that a user can see. So if the first tab is the one that’s active, then the text on that is the text that Google counts in the ranking and everything else is basically a moot point.

That’s why a lot of people switch to a vertical page design now. Where you don’t have tabs as much anymore, but really make people scroll down the page for all the different bit and pieces. This is what we prefer too. I hope this gives you some insight. Good luck!

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