Ask Yoast: same keywords on multiple pages?

In our Ask Yoast videos we answer your SEO questions. Today’s question comes from Tristan. Tristan wonders what to do when he wants to optimize a page for a phrase with a keyword that he already optimized another page for:

“What should I do if my phrases contain keywords I’ve already optimized other pages for? For example ‘bridal make up course’ and ‘make up course’. Both pages have been optimized with make up course in their phrase. Would they conflict with each other? What should I do about this?”

Watch the video below to get the answer to this question!

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Well Tristan, if you do it right, then the ‘bridal make up course’ page will automatically rank better for bridal make up course than the ‘make up course’ page. The problem you have, is that you’re afraid that your ‘bridal make up course’ page will outrank your ‘make up course’ page for the term make up course. If that’s the case you should really make sure that your ‘bridal make up course’ page links to your ‘make up course’ page telling people that that’s the more general page about your make up courses. And that the bridal make up course is specific to bridal make up. Actually having the two pages might make it easier to rank for the make up course keyword. In fact you might get lucky and get two results, where your make up course page ranks #1 and your bridal make up course page ranks #2, as an indent for the same keyword. So it doesn’t have to be a problem at all. Good luck!

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