Web Design

We aim to build web sites that are well-designed, yet clean, and fast-loading. In other words, sites which are built for end users – simple enough to understand, navigate and enjoy, but designed well enough for those users to enjoy. We like to think this site, and most of those in our portfolio, meet those standards.

Web Development

By web development we mean working with, or creating, an ‘engine’ which drives dynamic websites. The pre-packaged versions of these are commonly known as Content Management Systems, and can allow website owners to edit content, list and sell products, create an image gallery, run a subscription service, and more. All without knowing anything about web design. We specialise in the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress.

Hire Us Because ..

We’re affordable

Most small-to-medium sized businesses, or clubs, don’t have bottomless pockets. We’ll give you a quote, not a fright, and stick to that figure.

We’re Responsive

We build web sites which display reliably across mobile, desktop, and other environments. They’ll also look good.

You’ll Get Noticed

Our coding methods lend your site SEO which means the best chance of showing prominently in search results.


Whether your target is financial, customer-focussed, or readership-focussed, we’ll focus on achieving that bottom line.

Waitete Sawmills

This WordPress-driven website, for a saw-milling business based in Te Kuiti, milling and producing high-quality processed Radiata Pine for the building industry.

The project was contracted to Urban Legend web by Elan Design, who produced the custom designs. We converted the design to a custom WordPress theme, along with the necessary menus, posts, widgets, links etc to make the site easily editable to the client, or someone else with no knowledge of web languages.

Panmure Bridge Childcare

This site, for an Auckland childcare centre, was contracted to Urban Legend web via Elan Design, who provided the graphics and website content.

We coded the custom WordPress theme, comprising pages, posts and categories, widgets, etc. We installed and configured the necessary plugins.

Note that the client has yet to use the CMS to complete some of the content, including photo gallery, and events.

The Parrot Place

This site is for a thriving wife-and-husband business in Kerikeri, http://theparrotplace.co.nz, a bird park and breeding centre also selling pet products online.

Their WordPress-driven site had been using an outdated e-commerce system. Urban Legend converted it to the now-standard WooCommerce, which streamlines product management for the site owner, and vastly improves site useability for visitors.

We designed and coded the new theme, which went live in June 2016, based on the business’ colour motifs and logo.

Bacshares NZ

This site is WordPress-driven, and is for an organisation which aims to combine business and community interests in New Zealand.

It was inherited, and is managed, updated, and tweaked, by Urban Legend web, having originally been designed and launched by McGovern & Associates.

Since then we’ve regularly added widgets and plugins, and made design and css changes to help make the frequently-updated site manageable.


This site offers natural healing techniques and coaching based on traditional ayurvedic medicine.

Urban Legend web was contracted to create the front-end and back-end using a WordPress framework.

For the front-end, a child of the ‘cardinal’ theme was used to provide a basis for the PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript used for the theme files, layout, style, and user interaction respectively.

For the backend, theme files were edited in PHP to provide user options for content management and editing.

Davis Ogilvy

For this project I was under contract to a Christchurch agency, PublicaDDM.
My role was working within the WordPress framework to set up the frontend theme, as per supplied files. That involved creating and editing CSS, HTML, and Javascript to meet the project requirement. The layout is responsive. My role also involved setting up the backend content management system, using PHP.

Headlamps NZ

The above site, headlamp.co.nzWooCommerce engine, and a theme designed and customised by Urban Legend web.

It features affordable, convenient, powerful head lamps.

It is mobile-friendly, and uses hand-coded additions to a WooCommerce template, as well as HTML5 and elements of Bootstrap.

The design is aimed at a target market for these headlamps – active outdoors people.