Basic SEO training: don’t over-optimize

In our Basic SEO training we’ll teach you all about keyword research and how to create great content around those keywords, to make your website rank. On top of that we explain what NOT to do! Keyword stuffing is one of those things. In this Basic SEO training video fragment we explain shortly that your shouldn’t over-optimize:

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Here’s the transcription :

“Don’t over-optimize! Some people seem to think that if you write a text with the keyword that you want to be found for in every other sentence, that Google will think: “This article is about this keyword and I will rank it really high”. Well, maybe that’s true in the short run, but in the long run, this will not be the case. People will get very annoyed if they read the same keyword in every other sentence. So they will be bored with your text, not read it and click away.”

Wondering if you’re using your keywords too often in your text? Be sure to check if you use the keyword enough, yet not too often with the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress or Drupal Module! Both calculate the keyword density of your post or page content and provide advice to use the keyword less or more often.

Our Basic SEO training is full of informative videos, challenging quizes with helpful feedback and in-depth reading material. It helps you build a solid foundation in SEO.

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