Change of pricing / licensing for Video SEO plugin

As of last night, a license for our Video SEO plugin has become $20 cheaper for what’s probably about 90% of our customers. While doing an analysis over the holidays of what we’d sold and how much time we spent supporting people, we found that people using the plugin on multiple sites were bound to ask more questions (I know, it’s not exactly rocket science). The vast majority of people only use the plugin on one site, so reducing it in price for those people made sense, while charging more for people using it on more sites seemed reasonable.

So we now offer 3 licenses to the plugin, much in the same way as Gravity Forms and Easy Digital Downloads extensions work:

  • personal, for a single site at $69;
  • professional, for up to 5 sites at $129;
  • agency, for unlimited sites at $249.

Yoast_avatar_Thijs_defEveryone who has bought the plugin at the old price of $89 is in luck: your license is and will remain unlimited. We will use the same pricing model for our upcoming Local SEO module.

By the way, if you’ve emailed our support email address, you might have “met” the new addition to our team: my little brother Thijs. He handles most basic support questions, while bugs and other stuff get assigned to me. All of our support is handled through email for now, for which we use, and absolutely love, HelpScout, if you handle a lot of email you should really check them out. We’re currently working on opening a support forum as well, if you’ve bought the plugin you’ll get more details on that as we roll it out.

We’re planning more improvements to our infrastructure as well as ramping up big time for the launch of a few more plugins, so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date!

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