How to Build Your Bank of Ideas and KILL Writer’s Block Once and for All

Some time ago I revealed my personal secret of how I’m able to write whenever I want (more or less) without worrying about things like writer’s block.

To be honest, I don’t remember the last time when I was hit with this whole writer’s block. And it’s not that I’m particularly talented or anything. I’m just well prepared.

There are many things I have set in place to help me work productively throughout the day. But there’s one particular thing that’s simply essential to my blogging existence, so to speak. And that is my bank of ideas.

Bank of ideas sounds fancy, I know, but it’s actually just a mind map containing all my post ideas – the things I want to write about.

How does this help me to fight writer’s block? In many cases, the most difficult part of writing is getting the main idea for the post itself. Once you have a clear vision of what topic you want to cover, writing becomes just a formality.

However, ideas don’t grow on trees like that, so you have to have your own way of noticing them and then writing them down somewhere. This whole concept is what I explain in detail in my guest post at SmartBloggerz:

Writer’s Block Still Breathing? Let’s Mortal-Kombat Him Once and For All!

What is your main way of fighting writer’s block? Do you have a unique approach at it you’d like to share?

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How to Build Your Bank of Ideas and KILL Writer’s Block Once and for All |