Improving our reviews

yoast reviewsWe recently did customer research into what our site review customers thought about our site reviews. While we were very happy with the results, it also showed us some things we could improve. It was very clear people wanted our reviews for the SEO improvements most of all, and today we’re launching the changes to our review spectrum that are a result of that.

The biggest change we’re making is that we’re going to be actually making changes to your site, if you’ll let us: we’re going to be configuring the WordPress SEO plugin in a way that we think makes most sense for your site. This is not a “5 minute” process, as we have to understand what your website is all about to make the right decisions on all of the plugins settings, but because we’ve done the review, we can actually do that.

Also, we’ll throw in a license to our Premium plugin for a year, so you get the best we have to offer plus a year of support. All of that for the, low, low price of $899. If you don’t have WordPress or aren’t interested in getting us to configure WordPress SEO, you can get the Silver SEO Review for $699.

Check out our improved reviews page!

The new “ultimate Yoast package”: Diamond review

Also new is our new “ultimate Yoast package”, the Diamond review: for $3,999 we’ll do a platinum SEO review, a full conversion review, we’ll configure your site’s goals in Google Analytics and/or Clicky and we’ll configure your WordPress SEO if you have it.

We’ve done over a thousand reviews already and with these changes we hope to make the next 1,000 customers even more happy than the previous 1,000.

This post first appeared on Yoast. Whoopity Doo!