Launching Your Product on Christmas and Selling it Like a Supermarket

Launching a product on Christmas is an interesting concept. People are already in a buying mood … and spending money seems just way easier … almost like it’s the right thing to do.

Anyway, if you’ve been planning to launch your product on Christmas then you’re probably at an advanced stage of planning and preparation already. However, I still have two more pieces of advice for you.


The first article (guest post) of mine I’d like to share talks about preparing for a product launch. More precisely, it’s about all the important tasks and actions you should take prior to pushing the final “launch” button.

I do realize that there are whole books on product launch alone, so I’m not trying to say that I managed to cover everything in just one short post, but it can surely be a nice addition to your launch plan.

Preparing Your Product for Launch Day

The other article talks about creating your upselling model to be kind of like what supermarkets do on a daily basis.

I personally think that upselling online doesn’t have to be that difficult, as long as we’re able to replicate what other business owners have been doing for years in the brick-and-mortar world.

What Your Local Supermarket Knows About Upselling That You Don’t

What about your business, do you plan on launching anything soon (like a product or a service)?

And since I’m here … Merry Christmas!

(yeah, “Merry Christmas,” not “Happy Holidays” … I was never a politically correct type of person)

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