Minimalist Websites … Are They of Good Quality?


What’s the deal with minimalist websites? It seems like everywhere you look there’s a site featuring just a handful of design elements and not even that much content.

People say that this minimalist style is classy and sometimes even beautiful. But is that true? Should a site really be minimalist?

This is something I try to explain in my guest post at Web Design Ledger. I’m taking a web design angle there. However, I invite you to read the post from a different perspective.

Try to look at it from an online business owner’s point of view. I encourage you to pay close attention to whether a minimalist site is something you can use for your own business.

Honestly speaking, there are businesses that go very well with minimalist websites, but at the same time there are some that don’t… Find out what I’m on about here:

Creating Minimalist Designs Makes You a Better Designer

So … what’s the verdict? Is a minimalist website right for you?

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