New eBook: optimize your website

Cover Optimize website 200x266Just about 2 months ago we released our eBook optimize your WordPress site. It’s been sold over 5,000 times now, which makes us very proud. We have received a lot of positive feedback in that time encouraging us to do more eBooks. There was one question that kept popping up though: do you have a version for non WordPress sites? Now we do!

To be fair, the difference is probably less than 20%. A lot of the stuff in our Optimize your WordPress site book was already applicable to every website we’ve ever seen. Marieke has gone in and made sure that every WordPress reference that didn’t make sense for non WordPress users is now replaced by more generally applicable tips and guidance.

So, if you’re not a WordPress user, we urge you to go buy this book. If you are a WordPress user and you haven’t bought our book yet: you probably should buy our WordPress version right now.

For $19, it only takes a few valuable tips to have a positive ROI, and we’d be very surprised if you didn’t find those tips. Go buy the book!

PS We’re already working on another eBook as well, due early next year, which will focus on keyword research and strategy as well as good content writing. Stay tuned for more info!

This post first appeared on Yoast. Whoopity Doo!