New plugin: Local SEO for WooCommerce

Ranking locally should be a top priority for all small businesses. Customers increasingly depend on local search to find a relevant business near their current location. In view of that fact, you must make sure Google knows everything about your business so it can index your data and promote it in the search results. It can be a daunting task, but Yoast SEO: Local SEO for WooCommerce is here to help.

Local SEO for WooCommerce is based on our Local SEO for WordPress plugin. You get the same features, but with the addition of a couple of WooCommerce specific extras. If you sell your items locally, you can now offer customers the possibility to pick up their order in your store or location. As a result, you can now offer your customers a complete local package, with good visibility in local search results, great location data and a pick up option in your online store. Remember, if you already have our Local SEO plugin and you don’t need the WooCommerce part, you’re already set. We have a special upgrade price for Local SEO users ($60), please contact our support to take advantage of that.

Local options in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the leading platform for online stores in WordPress. Chances are your shop runs WooCommerce. Until now, it wasn’t that simple to incorporate your online shop into your local activities. Our new plugin gives you everything you need to make your online store a first-class citizen of your local shop strategy. These new settings in your WooCommerce store make shopping locally much more interesting. You can now set a new delivery option: local pickup. This is an invaluable addition if you really want to do business locally.

The local store pickup option is easy to enable and comes with its own status messages. If a customer chooses to pick up his order locally he or she will get a message when the product is in transit, if applicable, and when it is ready to be picked up. Should you charge for local shipping, it is possible to add these costs as well.

Local SEO for WooCommerce store pickup

Better local search results

You have to remember that good local results don’t come cheap. It takes some work to get Google to pick up your local site and data, and it only works if you provide every possible detail. In our Local SEO for WooCommerce plugin, we’ve made it easy for you to add your address, phone number and opening hours.

Moreover, we’ve made a great Google Maps integration. You can add your location without breaking a sweat. Your customers can even navigate to your location. In the end, you’ll have a great local page on your site and a solid entry in Google.

Local SEO for WooCommerce is a full featured plugin for getting the most out of your local commercial efforts. We hope you make great strides with it!