Below are some of the sites Urban Legend web has helped to make.

The notes with each project make clear what role Urban Legend web design filled, whether it be developing, designing, updating, or coding each site.

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Some smaller projects are listed on the blog page.

The Parrot Place

The Parrot Place Kerikeri

This site is for a thriving wife-and-husband business in Kerikeri,, a bird park and breeding centre also selling pet products online.

Their WordPress-driven site had been using an outdated e-commerce system. Urban Legend converted it to the now-standard WooCommerce, which streamlines product management for the site owner, and vastly improves site useability for visitors.

We designed and coded the new theme, which went live in June 2016, based on the business’ colour motifs and logo.

Headlamps NZ

Headlamp NZ

The above site, engine, and a theme designed and customised by Urban Legend web.

It features affordable, convenient, powerful head lamps.

It is mobile-friendly, and uses hand-coded additions to a WooCommerce template, as well as HTML5 and elements of Bootstrap.

The design is aimed at a target market for these headlamps – active outdoors people.

Bacshares NZ

Bacshares NZ

This site is WordPress-driven, and is for an organisation which aims to combine business and community interests in New Zealand.

It was inherited, and is managed, updated, and tweaked, by Urban Legend web, having originally been designed and launched by McGovern & Associates.

Since then we’ve regularly added widgets and plugins, and made design and css changes to help make the frequently-updated site manageable.

Waitete Sawmills

Waitete Sawmills

This WordPress-driven website, for a saw-milling business based in Te Kuiti, milling and producing high-quality processed Radiata Pine for the building industry.

The project was contracted to Urban Legend web by Elan Design, who produced the custom designs. We converted the design to a custom WordPress theme, along with the necessary menus, posts, widgets, links etc to make the site easily editable to the client, or someone else with no knowledge of web languages.

Panmure Bridge Childcare

Panmure Bridge Childcare Centre

This site, for an Auckland childcare centre, was contracted to Urban Legend web via Elan Design, who provided the graphics and website content.

We coded the custom WordPress theme, comprising pages, posts and categories, widgets, etc. We installed and configured the necessary plugins.

Note that the client has yet to use the CMS to complete some of the content, including photo gallery, and events.

VolksArt – Designer T-Shirts

This site, featuring designer T-Shirts for New Zealanders, is designed by Mark Tyrell of Elan Design .

Urban Legend web was contracted to customise the functionality of the WordPress WooCommerce-driven site.

In terms of design, that included a mobile-friendly and heavily-customised theme based on the Gantry framework.

In terms of functionality, the site is again heavily-customised, including;

  • implementing security and content module customisations to WordPress & WooCommerce
  • a two-tier sign-up and pricing system which distinguishes between retailers and shoppers
  • a flexible and user-friendly front-end ordering system which allows buyers to choose mutliple products and variants from a single page

The content is managed by Elan Design.



This site is for a NZ-government agency, FEUT, which manages carbon emissions for government-owned forests.

The site design is by McGovern & Associates, and coded into a custom WordPress theme by Urban Legend web.

The site is coded in HTML5, and features some custom jQuery in the Licensed Crown Forests section, and on the contact page. It also gives its owners the ability to update a forests database from an uploaded Excel file using a customised WordPress plugin.

It uses modern @Font-face coding to render the desired font family across platforms.

Te Awa | The Great New Zealand River Ride

Te Awa

This site is, The Great New Zealand River Ride, an outdoors project based on New Zealand’s largest rvier, the  Waikato.

Urban Legend web was contracted by Cube Media to install and configure wordpress, code an original theme using that publishing platform, and based on supplied graphics, and add functional extensions.

The site features a JQuery slider on the front page, a JQuery-based drop-down menu, custom widgets, and customised plugins, including a subscription service.

Sprikk Office for Architecture

This site is for an innovative, forward-looking Dutch architecture company.

It is powered by WordPress, based on the AutofocusPro theme, with extensive customisation, including to the layout of the site’s categories, the site’s header, and with additional sidebars implemented.

The site’s home page behaviour has also been modified to give roll-over effects which indicate the post’s categories, and the behaviour of a slideshow function for individual pages has been customised by Urban Legend web.

A customised plugin, qTranslate, has been used to offer Dutch and English versions of the site. 

Auckland Writers and Readers Festival

Urban Legend web was contracted by McGovern & Associates to hand-code the templates for this website, for the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival 2010.

The site uses the cufon technology to render text headings as images, and is coded in valid XHTML and CSS.

It is backed by McGovern’s proprietary CMS allowing its owners to edit content.

Kali Designs

This site is for a boutique Auckland designer, Kali Designs, and showcases the range of original products on offer.

It uses a customised version of the popular open-source shopping cart platform OpenCart to allow stockist to order via the website. It also allows the site owner to manage content, and products, behind the scenes, with minimal technical know-how.

Its design, by Urban Legend web and the owner, aims for elegant simplicity.

Products include jewellery boxes, money boxes, wallets, coin purses, bags and glasses case.


This site is for a Whangarei appliance servicing company, and is designed by Urban Legend web using the shell-lite WordPress theme as a base.

It is an information site which also allows visitors to send job requests via a jQuery-enabled form, and uses jQuery sliders to showcase both illustrative pictures of the company, and logos of the brands Electrotrade services.

It is coded in HTML5 using valid CSS, and offers both an original map showing Electrotrade’s coverage area, and a google map showing the company’s street location.

Jessa Hinton

This site is for model and designer Jessa Hinton.

It uses the WordPress engine with the PhotoPharm theme. Urban Legend web was contracted by Standard Really to make modifications to that theme, including

  • modifcations to the main menu and mouseovers
  • css styling modifications to the blog, ‘ask jessa’, press and contact pages
  • css styling modifications to the single posts


On Cue

This WordPress-driven site for pool and snooker suppliers needed a linkable slider for the home page.

Urban Legend web was contracted to code an editable slider allowing the client to add their own images. I used WP slider, and some custom css, to achieve that. That works well within the built-in flexslider provided by the WooCommerce framework’s Sliding theme used by the site.

Fibi Fitness

This site is for a company in New Hampshire which trains clients for fitness and competition.

The site is powered by WordPress, which enables the owners to edit content, and the WooCommerce engine, which takes orders online. It uses a highly customised version of the AutofocusPro theme to showcase post images, and features a front-page slider to highlight competitors trained by the company.

The design is by Urban Legend web.

Tuhoe Establishment Trust

The Tuhoe Establishment Trust was set up to manage funds and assets transferred to the Tuhoe tribe as part of its Waitangi Tribunal settlement with the New Zealand government.

This website was launched in 2010, and designed by McGovern & Associates. They in turn contracted Urban Legend web to cut and code the site templates from supplied photoshop files.

FGI Worldwatch

This site carries financial news, including market data, from the US, and around the world.

Urban Legend web was contracted to update server-side PHP code, and the timing of automatic feeds, to ensure data stability.

We also made some small presentational changes to the table data.

71 miles

The site owners contracted Urban Legend web to update the WordPress engine, make changes and additions to the site template, add functionality and advertising, and migrate the standards-based site to a new host.

Davis Ogilvy

Davis Ogilvie

For this project I was under contract to a Christchurch agency, PublicaDDM.
My role was working within the WordPress framework to set up the frontend theme, as per supplied files. That involved creating and editing CSS, HTML, and Javascript to meet the project requirement. The layout is responsive. My role also involved setting up the backend content management system, using PHP.

The Designers Library

This site, The Designers Library, is for a soft-furnishings ( curtains , blinds etc ) company in Hamilton, New Zealand.

It is designed by CubeMedia, and converted into a fully-functional WordPress – powered website by Urban Legend Web.

It uses a JQuery – based slider for the slideshow on the front page, and a semi-transparent background for the centered content area. A combination of native WordPress abilities, plugins, and customised templates drive the site.

Le Petit Hotel

This site was recently integrated with the WordPress engine, and is designed by Urban Legend design in collaboration with the owner.

It features a custom contact form, and uses widgets and other WordPress functionality to control the left-bar content. It is hosted at Easinet

This portfolio site is for multi-disciplinary designer Elisa Cachero, and shows her design work in textiles, art direction, print & web design, and event planning.

It uses the WordPress engine with the popular portfolio theme Autofocuspro . Urban Legend web was contracted via to update that theme so that;

  • the front page displays in the way usually used for category pages
  • the number of posts shown beneath the feature image on the home page is limited
  • copyright information can be included on single post pages which use the JQuery image slider
  • the default ‘next’ and ‘previous’ post arrows on the front page are hidden
  • show front-page post titles only on mouse hover

Via the site, I’ve now worked on a number of WordPress autofocuspro installations, and invite further queries relating to that theme.


This website, for the iconic New Zealand fashion label, was designed by McGovern & Associates, and coded by Urban Legend web under contract.

We also coded the recent change to a minimalist white background, which draws attention to the images onsite.

Knowledge Basket Pacific Islands

This website is for a company run by a journalist and a librarian which provides extensive archival content for New Zealand on Pacific Island subjects.


It was designed by McGovern & Associates, who contracted Urban Legend web to cut and code the site templates in valid XHTML and CSS  from supplied photoshop files.


This site was originally built by Urban Legend web in 2009 as a stamps show-case, and was re-built in June 2012 to become a fully-fledged e-commerce site.

It’s built on a customised version of the open-source platform OpenCart, which is based on PHP and MySQL. OpenCart allows the site owner, without needing any specialised technical knowledge, to easily add, and edit products, images, and information pages.

Philactica features collectible stamps from all over the world, and particularly Southern Africa, and lists more than 5000 stamps at the time of writing.

John Leech Gallery

This site is for an Auckland art gallery, and is designed by Helen Smith of McGovern & Associates. Its layout, including top-level subsections, is coded by Urban Legend web. It uses McGovern’s content management system to allow the client to enter and edit content.

Feathers Planning

This site is for a Hamilton-based town-planning consultancy.

It is built on the WordPress platform, using a theme custom-coded by Urban Legend web based on designs from Cube Media.

It uses a left-side horizontal menu customised with jQuery, and links section at page bottom controlled by customised widgets.


Urban Legend web was contracted to cut and code the site from supplied PSDs.

We also integrated the site with McGovern’s in-house CMS, Scripts, based on ASP.NET, which lets the client manage the content.

Aalto Colour

This site is for a company which has outlets in Auckland, Christchurch and Perth, and specialises in the construction of fine colours in quality surface coatings.

Urban Legend web was contracted by McGovern & Associates to convert supplied files into valid XHTML / CSS templates.

This site offers natural healing techniques and coaching based on traditional ayurvedic medicine.

Urban Legend web was contracted to create the front-end and back-end using a WordPress framework.

For the front-end, a child of the ‘cardinal’ theme was used to provide a basis for the PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript used for the theme files, layout, style, and user interaction respectively.

For the backend, theme files were edited in PHP to provide user options for content management and editing.

Jacqui Walker, Photographer

This site is for a top Auckland photographer who was the official photographer for the Dalai Lama of Tibet on his last visit to these shores.

Its design, by Urban Legend web, is intended to take a back seat to the photgraphs, many of which are stunning. It features a gallery of images sorted by subject, with a custom-built engine written in PHP.

As is standard practice at Urban Legend web, It is coded to web standards using valid XHTML and CSS

Katherine Mansfield House

This site was is for the birthplace of one of New Zealand’s most famous authors, Katherine Mansfield. It is designed by Helen Smith of McGovern & Associates, and hand-coded from supplied files. It is an early example  of the use of the use of CSS for layout. The site is driven by an in-house content management system.

Mclean Law

This site is for an Auckland law-firm specialising in corporate and commercial law.

Urban Legend web was contracted by McGovern & Associates to convert the site to valid (X)HTML and CSS, and integrate it with McGovern’s in-house ASP.NET-based "Scripts" Content Management System.

North Art

Northart provides an accessible and community focussed programme of exhibitions by local and national artists, and an associated programme of public events and arts activities.

This site was designed by McGovern & Associates, who contracted Urban Legend web to cut and code the site in valid XHTML and CSS from supplied photoshop files.