[Product Name] Scam – The Most Overused Eye-Grabbing Review Technique

scamHere’s how the technique works. If you want to write an affiliate review of a product named, say, Online Business Wizard Blueprint (just made that up), and you want to make it as eye-grabbing as possible then all you have to do is go with a headline like:

Online Business Wizard Blueprint Scam

This is sure to get a lot of people interested. Now, the cool part is that you still get to keep the review pretty standard. You go through the pros and cons, describe some features, provide a bonus and display your affiliate link. The only thing you have to say at the end is:

Is Online Business Wizard Blueprint a scam? Surely not.

And you’re “clean,” so to speak. Only you’re not.

The above scenario personifies exactly everything that’s wrong with internet marketing these days… Deceptive headline. The copy has nothing to do with the headline. And probably a shitty product being promoted in the first place.

That being said, it surely works. Whenever a new product gets released, there’s always at least one review like this occupying one of the top spots on Google.

It has a lot to do with human nature. Whenever we’re thinking about buying something, and all of a sudden we see a headline like [Product Name] Scam, we feel this irresistible urge to check it out, purely because we don’t want to get scammed, which is 100% normal.

But the person on the other side who’s just trying to lure us in, is not normal at all.

Therefore, here’s a quick cut-out-’n-keep guide on what to do when you encounter a review like this, and also when you can write one yourself.

What to do if you see a [Product Name] Scam review

Just a quick procedure, actually.

Before you even start reading it, scroll down to find any affiliate links.

If the headline says “scam” yet the person still tries to spin it and promote the thing then they’re obviously a douchebag. Don’t even bother reading such a review.

If there are no affiliate links, however, then the review can actually be the real deal, in which case by all means read it.

When to write a [Product Name] Scam review yourself

Quite simply, when it really is a scam and you want to tell the world about it.

In this case, however, using an affiliate link at the end is not the most fortunate thing, to say the least.

This also means that, on the other hand, if you like a given product, please don’t act like a “smart marketer” and create a [Product Name] Scam review for it. You might get some sales here and there, but your brand will suffer along the way.

Fighting spam reviews

Those problematic [Product Name] Scam reviews are nothing more than spam. I encourage you to fight pages like this by reporting them to Google. This can be done here.

If Google gets a number of spam reports for the same page, they are sure to do something about it.

Word for today: mercy. As in “no mercy for spam reviews.”

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