Website Coding

Urban Legend Web has done contract website work since 1999. Our clients have included Vodafone, and McGovern, a top Auckland web shop. We’re experts at cutting and coding websites using modern methods.

Content Management Systems ( CMSs )

wordpressThink of a CMS as the engine behind a website. These allow a website owner – with little or no technical knowledge – to edit and update content and photographs, at a bare minimum.

We work with WordPress, OpenCart,  and other PHP-based open source systems.

With a CMS behind it, your website can include

  • an editable gallery
  • a portfolio page
  • a products page, and the ability to sell directly from your website
  • a contact form
  • the ability to update your site at will

Good CMSs give the ability to add almost unlimited functionality. More functionality is going to cost more.

Good CMSs can also be ‘skinned’ in an almost endless variety of ways.  This is also a factor in cost. For example, a website using a ‘cookie-cutter’ template, and personalised only to the extent of a logo and perhaps colours, is going to cost much less than a site which is fully custom-designed.

Search Engine Optimisation

Have you got a website which is sitting there idle, unknown to the rest of the world? It may be fully functional in all other aspects, but unless it attracts visitors, you may as well not have bothered. We can help in using legitimate methods to drive more search engine traffic to your website.

Website Code Overhauls

Your website broken in browser x or y? Loading too slowly? The web is littered with sites coded using out-dated methods. These websites can be stream-lined to load more quickly, display more reliably, and be more easily updated.

Website Face-lifts

Do you have a site which looks like it was designed in the previous millenium?  Perhaps it was. They say content is king, but visitors are much less likely to explore a web-site which is unattractively designed.

New Sites

We offer a range of services, from simple cookie-cutter brochure-type static web sites to  custom-designed fully-functional e-commerce sites.

For new sites, we’d like to offer some hard-and-fast quotes, but there are so many variables that that’s almost impossible to do.

Below are some starting points, but you can always contact us, or Get a quote tell us what you want, and we’ll send you an obligation-free quote for your new website.

Domain Registration & Hosting

We can manage your domain registration and hosting for you, from as little as $30 annually for domain registration, and $50 annually for website hosting. Your new domain could be live in as little as 6 hours.

Budget Starter Pages

For businesses, clubs, and individuals wanting to make a first entrance on the web stage:

  • Brochure-type website
  • Bare-bones minimalist but functional design including your logo
  • Up to 3 pages including a contact page
  • Updates are charged by Urban Legend Web at reasonable rates

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