The future of search

One of the speakers at our upcoming YoastCon is Marcus Tandler, one of my best friends in the industry. I met Marcus almost at the beginning of my career as an SEO consultant, we’ve since had fun at numerous conferences throughout the world, most notably SEOktoberfest, which Marcus organizes in his hometown Munich.

I’m very proud that he’ll be speaking at YoastCon and wanted to show you all, as a warmup, this presentation he gave at TedX Munich, about the (past, present &) future of search:

At YoastCon, Marcus will talk about the “rise of the machines”: the next big step in search engine ranking. He will explain how Google is now using machine learning and why he thinks links, currently a major factor of the ranking process, will soon become irrelevant.

We’ve got a few tickets left for YoastCon, so if you’re thinking about coming, now would be a good time to buy your ticket!

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