The reviews are on sale! And more news

Do you need to improve the SEO of your website? Do you want our Yoast SEO experts to thoroughly analyze the SEO of your website? You should definitely order a website review now! Our Gold SEO reviews are on sale until May 18 and will cost only $599 instead of $799.

Sale on our SEO reviews

Change in types of SEO reviews

We’ve decided to simplify our assortment of SEO reviews a bit. Up until now you could choose between four types of reviews: Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. As of today, we’ll offer two types of reviews. You can choose our Gold SEO review in which we give lots of practical advice. Or, you can choose our Platinum SEO review, which is a full audit of your website. The Gold SEO review is on sale and costs only $599 (instead of $799). Our Platinum SEO review costs $2999.

Upcoming: Yoast Consulting project

As of next month, we’ll offer a new type of review. At Yoast, we regularly get questions from people who need more guidance in SEO than our reviews can give them. Also, our SEO team likes to carry out more in-depth SEO projects. They love to really dive into a website and give high quality and personal advice. That’s why, as of next month, we’ll start offering Yoast Consulting projects.

In a Yoast Consulting project, we’ll look at every aspect of your website with our complete SEO team! This team consists of Joost, Michiel, Annelieke, Judith, Jaro, Michelle, Patrick and Meike. You’ll receive a complete analysis and many practical tips. We’ll start with an intake meeting by Skype (or you can come by our office in the Netherlands). And we’ll also have a Skype follow-up meeting, to make sure you’re completely satisfied. A Yoast Consulting project will cost $10.000. We’ll only carry out one Yoast Consulting project a month, as it will take much of our time. If you’re interested in purchasing a Yoast Consulting project, make sure to contact us.

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